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Backend Engineer

Navio builds software tools that help cancer patients and their doctors navigate to a better standard of care. Ultimately, we’ll change the narrative around highly lethal cancers like Glioblastoma, where standard treatment offers no hope.

Navio’s software helps patients understand their treatment, track their progress and response, and provides a streamlined treatment calendar, allowing them to feel less overwhelmed and more in control.  For physicians, Navio helps improve patient understanding of and compliance with their treatment plan.  With visibility into the complete patient journey, Navio will provide researchers access to a unique dataset for finding novel relationships that will lead to better care for all.

We combine modern technologies, like Kotlin, Scala, Java, Javascript, React, GraphQL and Elasticsearch with AWS services and deploy them on Docker and serverless platforms in an event-based architecture.  We offer competitive benefits and stock options in a fast paced environment.

Navio is looking for senior or lead backend engineers who will help architect and own development of software and services for patients and providers, and who will grow over time with Navio into team leadership.  Working in collaboration with the head of engineering, product managers, frontend leads, and data scientists, they will be responsible for the core event-driven services architecture that underlays Navio’s products.  

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About you:

  • You love to build systems from the ground up.
  • You really like writing code.
  • You approach problems with a beginner’s mind, and seek novel solutions.
  • You build it right, quickly.
  • You are comfortable across the full stack but are backend focused.
  • You are experienced on multiple stacks and at integrating disparate systems.
  • You are able to communicate with product managers and front-end developers in their language.
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously and like to have fun.


  • Solid computer science background
  • 5-7+ years experience in backend development
  • Demonstrated ability to make technical choices that result in shipping software on time
  • Proven leadership experience in a multidisciplinary team
  • Interest in inspiring, mentoring, and developing engineers both senior and junior
  • Strong experience with modern, strongly typed tools, languages and data stores: Modern languages: Java, Scala, Kotlin, C#; Modern middle tier: REST, GraphQL; Relational database: Postgres / MySQL / Oracle, NoSQL: Redis / Cassandra / MongoDB / Elasticsearch.  Event-based: Kafka, Kinesis, RabbitMQ.
  • Ideally: some exposure to healthcare environment: EMR/EHR/HL7/FHIR, etc.

What this role will do:

  • Architect and coordinate build of Navio’s core event-based backend infrastructure.
  • Implement the core backend infrastructure and service APIs for our first products.
  • Work closely with Product Managers, UX Designers and Frontend engineers to design and build APIs that provide the right mix of flexibility and performance.
  • Provide data scientists and business analysts with needed access to information via clearly documented reports and APIs.
  • Integrate with internally developed algorithms and third party tools.
  • Eventually: lead, mentor and manage other engineers.

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