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Let’s change the narrative around cancer.

We support you at every stage of the cancer journey. Whether you're just starting to assess your options, undergoing treatment, or participating in a clinical trial, we help you gain control and share your experience to advance the standard of care.

How it works

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Get Support

Use our patient app and treatment support tools to manage your care day to day

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By sharing your unique experience, we learn more about how care works in the real world

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Understand your options and get personal insights about how your experience compares to others

There are many ways to participate in improving care

Your unique, first-hand experience is a valuable opportunity to learn and improve care for others. Whether it’s helping to create better treatment support tools or answering key questions, you can make a difference.

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Treatment Support

Get treatment support & help improve our tools for patients

Even simple things can be challenging to remember when you're going through treatment. From our treatment calendar, to medication reminders, Navio is creating personalized support tools at no cost to patients. We need your help to make them better for everyone.

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Navio Studies

Join a study & get access to our findings

We’re working on new ways to make it easy for anyone to participate in research studies. Using the Navio app, you can participate from the convenience of home, get access to insights from other participants, and review our study findings.

See Our Studies
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Navio Answers

Ask & answer key questions about the cancer journey

The best information comes from first hand experience, but capturing and organizing that information is no small task. We’re helping people who are navigating the cancer journey make their knowledge accessible and helpful to others by answering key questions about their experience.

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Our focus: Empowering individuals to advance care

Amazing new developments in cancer diagnostics and treatment are happening every day, but patterns in care are slow to adapt. Evidence from real people is needed in order to drive change.

Each patient has the opportunity to challenge the status quo —informing each other and the healthcare community about what’s happening in the real world.

That’s why we focus on helping people share their personal experiences to elevate the standard of care for each other.

About Us

Navio started when a group of people gathered to support their friend with an aggressive form of cancer. They saw the challenges of managing treatment and an opportunity to help others, by sharing their experience.

Today, we make it easy for patients and caregivers across different cancers and stages of care to join us — by participating in studies, sharing personal insights, and sharpening our support tools. Together, we’re learning how to meet the complex and dynamic needs of people with cancer.

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